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** Your Days of Being Overweight Are Over! **


You have just found the RIGHT weight loss e-book that you have been looking for. Now, at last you will be able to shed excess body fat and become the slim and gorgeous person you were always meant to be.

I went on to the Internet to look for a weight loss e-book when I wanted to shed excess body fat. When I couldn't find any appropriate weight loss e-book or plan I decided to write one myself. Hence this weight loss e-book has been written specifically for people who wish to lose weight in short period of time.

The key to losing weight is to FOCUS on how slim people think and eat while forgetting about how fat people crave for food and diet.

This weight loss e-book will empower you to lose body weight with exercises and diet plans while TRANSFORMING your complete lifestyle so that you are able to think, live and looked like a slim and gorgeous person for the rest of your life.

The weight loss e-book will provide you a new way of thinking and also a new way of enjoying your life. When you buy this weight loss e-book you must be prepared for a RADICAL OVERHAUL of your lifestyle. There is absolutely no going back!



The overweight days are over!





21 Days to Slim is the weight loss e-book that will TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE and TRANSFORM YOUR PERSONALITY while empowering you to achieve your fitness goals!

21 Days to Slim is a REVOLUTIONARY and innovative three-week weight loss program which will MOTIVATE YOU to reflect on your lifestyle, diet and attitude towards weight loss. The e-book will stimulate you to make healthy changes to your attitude, diet and lifestyle.

21 Days to Slim will not provide you a simple diet plan instead it will use improved nutrition, psychology and transformed habits to change the way you think and feel about yourself. It will also help you transformed habits and improve the way you think about your health, priorities and mainly about food. 21 Days to Slim will TRANSFORM THE WAY YOU EAT AND LIVE!


This is the KEY:


FOCUS on how SLIM people THINK and EAT while FORGETING about how FAT PEOPLE CRAVE for FOOD and sweets!


Changing your eating habits, thinking attitude and lifestyle forever will help you SET YOURSELF FREE from HUNGER pangs and OVEREATING.

21 Days to Slim will help you lose weight by coordinating your mind with your body to deal with hunger pangs, REDUCE HUNGER and establish new eating habits that will help you GET SLIM and maintain your slim body. This e-book will also help you get active and remain this way so that you can maintain your slim body for the rest of your life.

Begin reading the e-book today and find out how many calories you must consume and burn to maintain your slim body!

Written by Debra Duke for fat people but can be used also by slim people to Maintain the Slim Body.

21 Days to Slim
is based on an INNOVATIVE and REVOLUTIONARY idea:


** If You Wish To Be A Slim Person You Must Eat And Start Thinking Like Slim People! **


This is the most innovative way of thinking and TRANSFORMED way of LIVING! Track your PROGRESS as you work towards your new slim you with the TRACKING CHART provided in the e-book.

21 Days to Slim will completely transform your life! Be prepared to RADICALLY CHANGE your diet and lifestyle! There will be absolutely NO LOOKING BACK!  21 Days to Slim is one of the most essential weight loss e-book written in a decade!

Debra Duke is one of the leading weight loss experts in the fitness industry. 21 Days to Slim is to the point and a short motivational weight loss e-book which will explain the real truth of losing weight and SUSTAINING the WEIGHT LOSS for the rest of your life.


Why this eBook is Important?

"Learn from this Innovative ebook, PROVEN TO WORK plan and unrevealed weight loss secrets rather than an usual diet plan. You going to learn how to lose weight with Effectively."


  • 21 Days to Slim is CONTAINs PROVEN of weight loss plans which can help in educating the reader about the different techniques available for sustainable weight loss.
  • 21 Days to Slim is the weight loss programs are intended to convey the message that even though everyone has negative feelings about themselves, their lives and their bodies weight loss can help transform the way people think about themselves and improve confidence and self esteem.
  • 21 Days to Slim also shows how people can transform their lives and be the slim person you always wanted to be. This e-book will help you identify the real truth about shedding excess body fat with the help of training, diet, rest and also positive thinking.


DEBRA DUKE: one of the fitness industry’s



21 Days to Slim is not a complicated weight loss program. This e-book is a guide to health-centered, practical, innovative and revolutionary weight loss plans to eat well and live well!

85% of people who lose body fat put it all back again

--- sometimes more --- just within six months of losing body weight!

You might also know a few people who have regained lost body weight. Chances are you might be one of those people yourself. If you find yourself in that situation, ask yourself, if:

  You are sick of the constant struggle with excess body fat?
You are tired of the constant feeling of disappointment and frustration when you look at yourself in the mirror?
Do you want to become one of the slim people who do not have to ever worry about their weight?


The GOOD NEWS is, now YOU CAN!


Ask yourself, how the times have you failed? If like most people your answer is numerous times, then you must know that sometimes even though you're doing the right thing by the weight loss plan or program is just not right for you.

It is been estimated that nearly 60% of all weight loss programs fail! Yes, you heard that right! This is because the weight loss programs have been designed to increase your expectations from the very beginning and the more you expect from yourself the more you are likely to fail.

Physiologically, the human body has not been designed to be 100% compliant with all the weight loss programs and diet plans every time. Hence weight-loss programmes which increase your expectations from the beginning provide your little control over the loss of weight and your life.

There are over 20,000 weight loss products and plans available in the markets today. If all these diets and weight loss plans worked so well don't you think there would be only a single weight loss product and plans available? 

Whatever the diet or weight loss plan you choose you might find that you are:

  Forcing you to stick to it.
You end up blaming yourself; feel disappointed and disgusted with the fact that you have fail-ed yet again with another diet or weight loss program.

Ultimately you will lose your confidence and the ability to share the excess body fat……

in a permanent manner!


It is not Your Fault !


For several years CORPORATE MARKETING of weight loss products and programs have made us think that----the ONLY way----to LOSE BODY FAT is to FOLLOW a SPECIFIC EXERCISE PLAN or DIET plan. But, there is scientific EVIDENCE to prove the CONTRARY…..and is overwhelming! You can diet according to the requirements of your body and exercise yourself to your new and slim you!

"If you remember the story about the new clothes and the Emperor in which no one would tell the Emperor that the clothes stitched by the new tailor were not working, you will understand that the modern day weight loss industry works in a similar manner. No one is prepared to say that the current approaches towards weight loss are not working and failing rather dismally."


This is because the weight loss industry thrives on the failure of weight loss. If there are more overweight people, the industry will find itself more clients! Recently, a weight loss product company CEO spoke about people struggling with weight loss and commented that such people will always struggle with excessive body fat. You definitely do not want to live like that! But the truth is that the comment was absolutely true especially if you follow the weight loss plan and use the product provided by the company.

The medical industry also thrives on the failure of weight loss programs and weight loss products. There are several weight loss drugs and surgical intervention methodologies available which endorse healthy weight loss by providing big bucks for their healthcare providers involved.

The media also thrives on failure of weight loss programs and products. A majority of the people get their daily advice regarding weight loss from magazines, newspapers and the TV. These people struggle the most with excessive body weight and end up using the radical diet plans and weight loss programs. Media advertises all the weight loss products and programs generating a significant income for themselves and the other industries.




Turning Science to Understand Why Traditional Weight-Loss Programmes Do Not Work In The Long Run—


Most weight loss programs are not designed to motivate the users and hence they fail in keeping the user is on track. Even though the leading fitness experts from across the world will agree that the three important factors to keep users of weight loss program is motivated is to: 

  Have control over the progress
  Learn new skills to master weight loss

Enjoy weight loss, emotions and the new appearance along the way


This is completely opposite of what the traditional weight loss and diet programs provide to users. Discomfort and deprivation ruled the roost of traditional weight loss and diet programs. Discomfort and deprivation can cause havoc on motivational and self-esteem levels and the lack of a reward system further diminishes motivation levels.

This type of system diminishes the performance of the weight loss program user and in the meantime encourages short-term thinking and cheating. Such programs are bound to fail causing several adverse reactions in the meantime such as addictive cheating while on the diet.




Most fitness experts will argue that will power of an individual is like a muscle that must be strengthened over time however scientifically it has been proved that pushing the willpower to fast and too hard can causes damage in the long run. Moreover the part of the brain that controls willpower is primarily fed by sugar or glucose! 

This causes many people to detest exercises and cheat on their diets! Thus a vicious cycle is formed which can cause loss of willpower and failure of the weight loss and diet program.

The SADDEST PART of most traditional weight loss and diet programs is that they have been designed for people were already regular with the exercise routines and not for people who have not exercised in quite some time. The scary part is that the radical diet and weight loss programs causes:


  Higher anti-fat prejudice
  Higher levels of anti-fat bias


No wonder you will always feel out of place among fitness conscious people!

No wonder you will fail time and again with the traditional weight loss and diet programs! If you have:


  Been a yo-yo individual in terms of diet and exercise for many years
  Tried everything ranging from programs, diet shakes, frozen meals and personal trainers
  Experienced short-term success with a single weight loss diet plan however found yourself regaining the lost weight within six months
  Struggle with the emotional effects of radical dieting and exercising
  Gone through several weight loss and dieting programs, so much that you can write your own book about them since the common denominator is failure.
  Then your answer to EFFECTIVE and SUSTAINABLE WEIGHT LOSS is: 21 Days to Slim!



With 21 Days to Slim you do not have to:


  Count calories or exercise control over what you consume
  Do have to diet vigorously or exercise religiously

Be dependent on frozen meals, surgical procedures and meal replacements



You will love 21 Days to Slim because:


  You will not feel hungry or deprived

  You do not have to eat food items you don't prefer

  You won't have to exercise endlessly in the gym with numerous repetitions of boring exercises

  You won't have to perform push-ups till such time you feel like puking

  You will be full of energy

  You will never have to encounter failure again

  You will experience a positive emotional aspects of weight loss

  You will learn to create your own weight loss program for individualized success

  You will transform your life, eating habits, attitudes and thinking and discover the new and slim you!


The most positive aspect of weight loss is that you will become fearless and confident. Weight loss will give you the feeling of being able to achieve anything in your life----- whatever it might take! You will be strong mentally and physically. You will be able to find spiritual, psychological and emotional happiness by remaining mentally tough. Weight loss is empowering in numerous ways!


  You do NOt have to set any unrealistic fitness goals!
  You will be able to limit your fitness goals by understanding what your body requires and can achieve.
  You can hope and think about the new slim you while you achieve a slim body.
  You do not have to find yourself getting depressed about being incapable of losing weight.
  You can dare to dream or hope to achieve more!


21 Days to Slim has been PROVEN TO WORK because it does not provide any start/stop/start approach. The numerous weight loss programs provided in this e-book will ensure that you do not have to remain 100% committed at all times and will allow you to cheat on your diet with your favorite food items such as deserts and bakery products.

21 Days to Slim provides you the IDEAL MATHEMATICAL EQUATION towards weight loss----






Do this for 21 days and it is highly likely that you will be doing it for the rest of your life and keep off the weight that you have lost. You will have transformed your lifestyle without noticing it!

21 Days to Slim works because it does NOT provide ‘ONE SIZE FITS ALL’ technique for weight loss! Debra Duke is known as a weight loss expert but in reality she is an expert who will help you lose body weight to the extent you can. In reality you are the expert of your own life and the various weight loss strategies you can use for sustainable and permanent weight loss. This e-book will help you unleash the weight loss genius lying dormant within you!

21 Days to Slim is fun! You’ll simply love it!
This is because when you use the weight loss programs provided in this e-book:


  You do not have to worry about losing weight or stress over not being able to follow the weight loss plan.
  You will be able to control your weight loss and your life to discover how easy and comfortable weight loss can be!
  You can eat whatever you want and not feel hungry or deprived as if you are making a sacrifice to lose weight!
  You will feel and look younger, stronger and charged!
  You will be able to wear whatever you want!
  You can go on holidays and have a great time indulging in your favorite food items without having to stress over guilt of gaining the weight that you have lost!
  You will sleep better feel less stressed and feel more energetic by eliminating hunger pangs and sugar cravings.
  You can look forward to getting the preferential treatment from society that all slim people receive!


You will be able to increase your confidence and self esteem because you have conquered weight loss making you feel that you can do anything now!


Here Is What Other People Have To Say About 21 Days to Slim:


“Oh my God, I’m SO glad I found 21 Day Weight Loss! Seriously, I tried every “fad” diet program out there, with basically not happy with the results. But with 21 Day Weight Loss, i managed to achieve the weight that i want. I like the ideas on how to maintain the weight. Is a Very useful guide. Thanks to anyone who helped write this book!”


Ontario, Canada.




“You wouldn’t believe this, but if it wasn’t for 21 Day Weight Loss, I wouldn’t have been able to fit into my wedding dress! I found out the day of the wedding that the dress I’d been given was a size smaller than the one I was fitted for. But thank God, I had been on the 21 Day Weight Loss Program prior to the wedding, and I fit in to the smaller dress just fine. Thanks, guys!"


Veronica, Texas



“I’ve always struggled with my weight. But until 21 Day Weight Loss, I didn’t think there was an answer. I tried low card diets. High intensity workouts. Basically anything you can imagine. But I STILL didn’t get results! The problem was, dieting always felt like depriving myself, and exercise always felt like torture. Well, you won’t believe the miracle that happened when I discovered 21 Day Weight Loss. It showed me the EASY way to lose weight so I could eat what I want, work out as much or as little as I wanted, and STILL lose weight!”






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60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

Even though we are confident that 21 days to slim will work perfectly for you they are still providing a 60 days 100% money back guarantee. With this guarantee you will be able to reclaim your money back in case the weight loss plans provided in 21 days to slim have not work for you. You can thus use this e-book in a risk-free manner for assured weight-loss.


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100% risk-free and assured weight loss with 21 days to slim

With purchase of the e-book:

  • You Do Not Have To Risk Any Thing
  • You Can Lose Weight In The Safest Manner
  • You Can Stop Your Struggles With Weight Loss And Loss Of Self-Confidence
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